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I've been a DJ since 1991 and a Producer since 1992.

I Dj’d the following genre’s: Trance, House, Techno, Chill-out. 

I love all GOOD music. 

I have a home studio, Late 2009 iMac 27 Quad Core i5", CME-UF6 Master keyboard, M-Audio BX8a Speakers, CDJ 900's DJM 800, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, iPad, Akai MPD18, Akai APC40, Ableton Live, Apple pro logic 9 with loads of Plugin's, iPad.

I first got a passion for Dj-ing in 1991 after going to a club-wear shop called Razzles that also sold vinyl records, in my home town Portsmouth. Aubrey and House Junkie worked in there at the time.I kept going back every day to listen to all the new tunes that have just come in. 

From then on i started to buy records and in 1991 i got my first pair of 1210's.I was speaking to a Dj called Artwork, who gave me some facts on how to use them, thanks to him i beat mixed my first time that day, "not bad!" 

My record collection increased and i got better day by day. I started to do house party's and live the life of a BUM Dj, PARTY PARTY and more PARTYING. 

On a trip to Spain when i was 18 - 19 years old, i met a Spanish Dj, who showed me how to have a good time as a Dj in Spain, and let me tell you what a good time! We would stop Dj-ing at about 4 - 6 am and then went on to party, at some great clubs. One Club had a big metal door with a sliding view piece to see who was there, i thought that it looked like some kind of drug house... but no, it was a MAD club. Great music, great people! 

That was the first club i Dj’d at in Spain, and had great fun doing it too. 

When i got back to the UK i started to hang out at the local record shops, one was ‘Movement records’ which was owned by Stu Rising and the other was Jelly Jam records which was part owned by Luke Slater, great Dj! He told me a lot about how he made his music and he heard some of my stuff and said that i should make more, so i did. 

My friends started to hire out rooms and i started to Dj for them, Playing House music. From there i met more and more people and got to know some of the top Dj's about. 

I was in a band called ‘SpiritLevel’ as a keyboard player. We played live gigs on stage at clubs and open air events. Spiritlevel is the ‘brain-child’ of Michele Evans who writes, arranges and places lead guitar and vocal.  The music stylings of Spiritlevel is House / Garage.

I Dj’d in a local night club called EQ and was asked to be the promoter for the ‘Sunday sessions’. From there i met more Dj's and other promoters, and took on my own night called ‘More Energy’ which was on the 3rd Friday of every month.  I managed other Dj’s for my ‘More Energy’ and ‘Sunday Sessions’ nights.

I have now slowed down a bit and am more focussed on producing music and running my on-line store.

I now have a online record store:

Where you can find loads of old and new Dance tracks on 12” Vinyl.

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